Te Mata Exports Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2019 by Sarah McCormack, Paul Scheffer and Te Mata Exports New Zealand. The group saw an opportunity to bring their experience and expertise together to form an international fresh produce trading company to complement the existing New Zealand business.

Since it’s inception, we have attracted a number of additional experienced industry professionals to further bolster the development of our Te Mata Australia business. Our team members are strategically located in different offices across Australasia and Japan, enabling us to provide on-the-ground support for both growers and customers.

What makes us different is our ability to combine our local industry knowledge with longstanding relationships with growers and international buyers. This results in mutually beneficial outcomes.

The categories Te Mata Exports Australia has chosen to specialise in include grapes and citrus with exports largely going to Asia. We are expecting to expand our range in the future.

Australia is renowned for having some of the most robust food safety and compliance programmes in the world. The growing seasons means popular fresh produce can be sourced from Australian growers to supply our Northern hemisphere customers counter-season.

Meet our Australian team

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Sarah McCormack
Sarah first got into the fresh produce industry in the mid 1990’s due to her ability to speak Japanese. Since that time, she has held several senior roles and directorships for key produce organisations, managing international businesses involved in sales and marketing, import/export and growing.

Currently based in Auckland, NZ, Sarah has developed an in-depth understanding of the international fresh produce industry over the past 20+ years, particularly across Asia.

Sarah is excited to be leading Te Mata Australia and to have the opportunity to use her international trading experience to develop the business together with the rest of the team.
Paul Sheffer
Executive Director
Paul is Kiwi born but started his career in the fresh produce industry in Melbourne in the late 1990’s and has been there ever since.

Paul has a strong customer and supplier focus with over 20 years’ experience in export trading, which includes key export markets such as Japan and China and categories such as table grapes, citrus and stonefruit.    

Very active outside of the produce industry with a young family and a strong interest in endurance triathlon.
Stuart Ferguson
Export Manager
Stuart has over 30 years’ experience in fresh produce, including farming, retail & international trade.

Stuart’s broad range of experience enables him to help growers & customers achieve the best solutions for their products or requirements.

Living in Mildura, Victoria which is a major growing region means Stuart is hands on to ensure shipments meet Te Mata’s requirements.
Maja Arlov
Export Manager
Maja has been a part of the fresh produce industry for over 12 years, developing a real passion for the product and working alongside its people. She is always striving to deliver the best eating experience for the end consumer.

Maja’s time working across multiple aspects of the produce industry, including importing, procurement and exports have given her a broad understanding of producer, retail and consumer needs. This allows her to approach each situation with a solution-focused mindset.

Moving to Melbourne (Australia’s foodie capital) in late 2017 from New Zealand has meant that Maja has been able to develop her passion for fresh produce even further and she is looking forward to sharing that with Te Mata’s global partners.
Tatsuya Kakemoto
In-market Country Manager - Japan
Tatsuya is based in Tokyo, Japan and has been working in the fresh produce industry for more than 18 years.

TK likes to think of himself as half Kiwi, after developing an affinity for NZ when he lived there for four years.

His career started out at a retail company, before working for a fresh produce imports company for 5 years. For the past 11 years he has worked as Country Manager for export companies shipping their products to Japan.

As Te Mata’s representative in Japan Tatsuya is able to provide insights and market intel for Te Mata’s staff and growers in this key market as well as supporting our valued customers.

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